September Challenge – Winning Story

My first week was a week never to forget. I was so nervous and felt overwhelmed. I went back to school at a slightly older age and already felt like I was out of place. Direct-ed put an end to my anxiety for good.

I went into my sites with confidence as my supervisor Shibani was by my side. She took her time in explaining things and never made me feel like I didn’t know what I was doing, although I didn’t. The level of support I got from Christine and Mihal via email was extremely comforting. As each day ended, my confidence rose. I slowly stopped feeling like the new kid on the block and started feeling like I was a real Direct-ed TEAM member. I can’t say enough about the level of support I got during my first week and continue to receive.

Thanks to Shibani, Mihal and Christine, I have learned that it is ok to be human and make mistakes. It’s a learning process and each day since has gotten better and better.
On another note, I have several funny stories but the one that really stands out is the first time I called a student out of class of 60 students. All eyes were on me as they sat outside in 10 rows of 6 students in each row. It was like a record screeching to a stop. Everyone was quiet and listening as I struggled to pronounce the students name that required speech and everyone was giggling. All of the sudden one of my greatest fears faced me. It was a huge beetle right in front of me. I can usually hear them coming and I run in the opposite direction. They are harmless and have beautifully colored wings. I think because they sound like a helicopter they are more intimidating than they should be. They are also blind and run into you. I heard of a story of one being tangles in a students hair and that sends chills down my spine. Anyhow, I was right outside the doorway facing the lunch tables where the students sit before PE. As I heard the helicopter coming in for a landing, I screamed and immediately made a U-turn to run back inside. Rather than fake right, which would have put me inside the building, I faked left and ran into the wall. Needless to say, the entire class laughed at me, including the teachers. I am able to laugh things like that off and just gave a wave to the class. Luckily I wasn’t hurt but it was a story I told everyone for the next couple days. Hahaha

Stefanie McKinley SLPA

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