Risk Management & Workers’ Compensation


For any patient care incident or legal situation related to your care, please call number below immediately.

• Severe wounds or internal injuries
• Sudden or unexpected death
• Birth related injures-maternal or fetal
• Significant medication error
• Paralysis, brain damage, sight loss,
• Disability like: amputation, sepsis, any unanticipated sensory,fracture or disfigurement. Systemic or neurological defects
• Any housing incident

888.235.3321 or 800.513.5635

* Discuss only with Mediscan Risk Management


For an injury related to your job or work activities please call Mediscan’s Workers’ Compensation team immediately at 800.695.7810.

• Do NOT go to the ER. That is only for emergencies (severe bleeding, broken bones, loss of consciousness).
• Our WC team will find a nearby Clinic where you can receive treatment for your injuries and get follow up care in the future (if required).
• Do NOT give the clinic your personal health information. They will get our WC insurance billing information from our WC team.
• Stay in touch with the WC team about your Clinic visit and medical treatment so we can process all your WC Benefits promptly.