Our #SLP2B Contest Winner Tells Us About Her CSHA Experience

Our #SLP2B Contest Winner Tells Us About Her CSHA Experience
June 28, 2019 15:23 PM (GMT-05:00)

Are you considering attending a CSHA Conference in 2020 but unsure of what to expect? Our #SLP2B contest winner, Truc-Mai Karen Pham, attended the CSHA Conference in March and was kind enough to share her experience with us and anyone else who may be wondering what the event entails.

Was this the first time you attended a speech event? If not, which others have you attended and how do they compare?
I'm a first-year graduate student so this is the first speech event I've attended.

What did you like most about the event? Did you meet other fellow students, make friends, find a mentor?
I liked the exhibit hall where I got to talk to different people, whether they were recruiting companies or brands. It got me thinking more about my CF placement and the possibilities I can apply for.

What did you think about the sessions available during the meeting?
I liked how there were so many sessions on the schedule and there is something for everyone!

Did you feel the program of events and sessions were beneficial to you as a graduate student?
Yes, even though I am a first-year graduate student, I was able absorb a lot and just be bombarded by information that I know I will learn later in the program.

How about the exhibit hall? What was your experience there like?
In the exhibit hall I visited every booth and wrote down notes from the people I talked to. I took home many brochures and cards with notes on them and had to sort through everything! The most useful things from the booths were the pens because I put the pens from companies I'm interested in into one pile and ones that I need to research more into another pile!

Would you recommend attending this conference to other graduate students like yourself?
Yes, because it's a conference where we are around the people within our field and everything we come across pertains to our practice. I learned so much and enjoyed seeing people in our profession trying to learn more about new products and updates to better their practice.

What was the most fun activity you participated in/learned about while at CSHA?
My classmates participated in the Knowledge Bowl which was fun because the questions were like questions we would find on the Praxis. It was also friendly competition between schools.

Did you like the location for the meeting?
Yes, Pasadena was a nice location. Mediscan made arrangements for my hotel near the conference center and the hotel provided shuttles to and from the center. It was very efficient.

Tell us about a highlight for you when visiting Pasadena.
The weather was nice and there was food nearby. It was not a congested area, so it was nice to walk around.

Is there anything you would change about the convention/event or do you have a suggestion to make it better?
No, I enjoyed everything!

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